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About the Location

The location of KSB city makes it ogles enchanting and a people’s preference. KSB city is located near the major destinations such as King Fahd National Guard. Because of its cosmic structure and consumer oriented approach, this site is available on four streets and is surrounded by the main routes such as Al Sheikh Jabber Al-Sabbah (second Eastern Ring Road), extension of King Abdullah Street (Oqba Bin Nafee), extension of Imam Saud bin Abdul-Aziz road and Khurais road. As a result of its promulgated land coverage, KSB has multiple entry and exit points. These summits escort one to the major routes.

About Location

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KSB Capital Group, being one of the largest asset management businesses in the region, provides expertise and fund management services in a broad range of asset classes, from traditional cash management, equity and fixed income to real estate and other alternative sectors.

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